Wellbeing Sessions


What messages does your body send to you? If you pause right now, what are you hearing, feeling, sensing? Are the messages at times confusing? Or have you gotten good at pushing through, perhaps even shutting down or ignoring them? We have much to do in our modern lives, much to attend to, and lots of stimulus coming at us, often from so many directions we can feel overwhelmed. Many of us find ourselves longing to be in greater harmony with our own nature, our health, and wellbeing.

Are you someone who is committed to wholeness, or longing to feel more whole within yourself? Have you grown weary of the quick fix and solutions that lay outside of your response-ability?

These kinds of questions and conversations open you to welcome wellbeing into your life. If you are looking for support along the way, it is my honor to partner with you. My aim is to help you come into harmony with your body’s signals, and to support you in learning how to be in healthy conversation with the messages you hear.

photograph by Kathleen Hunter

Each of us is our own best healer. The understanding behind Amira’s practice is to support each individual in their own learning journey of how they can better be in harmony with themselves. It is NOT to do something to fix you (you don’t need to be fixed!).  This approach, based in the philosophy of non-doing, allows for healing, and for welcoming wellbeing into our daily experience.  Wellbeing sessions are structured to allow you to have greater connection and ability to hear the whispers of your body, find personalized support in how to come into better alignment with your nature, and time to receive healing and a sense of wholeness that you can carry with you into your daily life.

Amira draws on some of the most powerful tools of the West & East in teaching non-interference with our natural state of health, expression and wellbeing. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine are based in philosophies whose origins are said to date back as far as the 3rd to 6th century BCE in the East.  And the Alexander Technique was developed originally by an Australian at the end of the 19th century and has continued to be developed into the 21st century, leading also to a specialized work known as The Art of Breathing.  Click here for more information about the philosophy of non-interference. And go to these links for more information about the different modalities Amira works with: Chinese Medicine, Alexander Technique & Art of Breathing.