Dietary & Herbal Therapy


Dietary and Herbal Therapy are an essential practice in East Asian medicine. What we eat is often the subject of much distress in our modern society, but the bounty of the earth is rich medicine!

Connecting to the healing qualities of everyday foods as well as herbal tea or tinctures enables us to benefit from the nourishing gifts offered to us through the vast number of species with whom we share the earth. Dietary and Herbal therapy is given in relation to the balancing of the whole system, the seasons and elements.

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” and Chinese Dietary thinking agrees! In many instances dietary and lifestyle changes can be the first and best approach to bringing our bodies back into a healthy state of wellbeing. Along with studies in Eastern and Western Nutrition, Amira holds additional certification in Chinese Dietary therapy with Daoist priest Jeffrey Yuen, and the approach she employs helps you to feel empowered and excited about the ways small shifts in what you eat can help nurture you into greater health.

Herbal therapy uses the rich bounty of the earth to help your system re-balance when necessary and desired. Traditionally these often very beautiful herbs, flowers, roots, shells etc. were boiled together and taken as a tea, but they are now available as tinctures, tea pills, powders and tablets which most clients prefer. For certain conditions, herbal therapy can be an essential part of the treatment plan – enabling you to come back into healthy balance more efficiently.