I have been studying with Amira for a little over a year now and in that time I have learned how to use my body more efficiently and to let go of stress, much of which is unconscious. Amira’s passion and enthusiasm for the Alexander Technique are infectious. She is engaging, informative, and very helpful. I would recommend Amira without hesitation to anyone interested in learning more about the AT and how to stay relaxed in day-to-day life

Jill, fitness buff
Astoria, NY
(Client of 7 years)

I also enjoyed the fact that you were very open to all questions (some instructors make you feel uncomfortable to ask “stupid” questions) and explained over and over again that there is no “right or wrong” method.

Zarna, Executive Assistant
New York, NY

I’ve been amazed by the ease and enjoyment studying the Alexander Technique has brought to my performance on stage, I’m remembering what drew me to perform in the first place, and I’ve learned how to get out of my own way.

Evan, Dancer
New York, NY

Amira is a true professional who has a natural gift for teaching and a genuine love for her art. Her amiable demeanor is very conducive to learning. In her classes she really demonstrates her interest in the students. My husband and I have noticed a reduction of back pain since participating in her classes. Her rates are quite reasonable and we consider it an investment in ourselves

Marta, homemaker

As a teacher Amira Glaser is remarkably gentle, extremely insightful, and very devoted to her students. In her class I always felt at ease. When she did hands on work, I felt myself relax into her hands, and never felt embarrassed to ask questions. I started to understand that I can’t “fix” or judge myself, I have to accept and love my habits before I can change them. Amira created a safe place where I could be myself, while at the same time encouraged me to explore a new kind of thinking and movement. Though I felt vulnerable at times, I knew I wasn’t alone as she was always by my side with a supportive smile and a trusting hand.

Jess, English Teacher

Amira has the most gentle touch. She also patiently explains the concepts/technique in a way that helps me visualize what I have to do. My regret is I did not take Amira’s class sooner.

Kirke, Chronic Pain

My awareness of my body in motion is something new to me. I feel more confident in my body.

Oyme, Cancer Survivor

Alexander Technique has been wonderfully beneficial for me. Amira led me to become more and more aware of how I use my body. Working with the subtle changes she’s suggested, I now move with ever greater ease and comfort. I’m sure that everyone will benefit from her thoughtful professional guidance.

Selma, New York, NY

I have no neck pain anymore!

Ronni, Retired Teacher
New York, NY

I have derived enormous benefit from the Alexander Technique and have found Amira Glaser to be a superb guide in helping me to connect with a natural way of being in my body. Her warmth of personality, and the sincerity with which she approaches her work, make for an enjoyable process. Her knowledge of the Alexander Technique and of the body – plainly evident in the ease of her teaching style and the clarity of her explanations – allow real progress to be a very natural part of the student’s experience. I have been pleasantly and greatly surprised by the effectiveness of Amira’s work. Having tried a number of directions to free my body from tension and unease in my work, and in my everyday life, I wasn’t sure that it was something I would ever find: I have been proven wrong!

Luke, Singer/Songwriter