I have a good relationship with my body–I enjoy hiking and dancing, I have a long term yoga practice, and I’m also a body worker professionally. I started coming to Amira a few months ago because, despite all that, I had some patterns of holding tension and stress in my body that I thought Alexander technique might help me with. At the heart of it, I just wanted to feel more at home in my body and more at ease with my breath. I felt intuitively that Amira had something special to offer, and I was right 🙂 At least once during every session, my mind gets blown. I don’t exactly know how she does it, but she somehow guides my body and my mind to find what relaxation and internal spaciousness feels like, both in stillness and with movement. And it’s like once I feel what it feels like, I can return there on my own much more easily. It’s a reconditioning or repatterning that is having a positive effect all areas of my life. I am really grateful Amira is here offering her skills and expertise. I highly recommend her!