Online Resources

The American Society for the Alexander Technique

The National Certifying Body in the United States. A wonderful resource for information about the Technique including articles, resources, research, an extensive collection of books for purchase, and a national directory of certified teachers.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Resource for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Accreditation

Acupuncture Now Foundation

Great resource site. This foundation is working to increase understanding of Acupuncture and its benefits for westerners.

The American Center for the Alexander Technique

The oldest training program in the United States. ACAT is a membership organization and is committed to public outreach. The website includes information, events in NYC, and an informative blog.

Alexander Technique Resource Site

A informative site for all things Alexander, includes helpful articles, links and directories

John Dewey & the Alexander Technique

A site about the connections between the Alexander Technique and one of F.M. Alexander’s most influential students, the American philosopher, John Dewey.

“It [the F.M. Alexander Technique] bears the same relation to education that education itself bears to all other human activities.” — John Dewey

Articles on the Alexander Technique at Learning Methods

“In Our Own Image,” an eight part series by David Gorman. This set of articles is a fascinating anatomical & physiological description of how the Alexander Technique works.

Body Learning Podcasts

Robert Rickover interviews many different Alexander teachers, students, and other professionals for this podcast series.  Applications for the Alexander Technique to just about anything you are curious about!

Art of Breathing Resources

Jessica Wolf has created an amazing animation of the breathing mechanism in action, which my students love, and is available for purchase. Also included here are free Body Learning podcasts about the Art of Breathing which include a couple of procedures.

Liberated Body Podcasts

“The Liberated Body Podcast is for everyone from people who are struggling to move more happily inhabit their bodies, to straight up body nerds who just plain delight in learning about the thing we get to live in.”