Calligraphy by Naoko Matsumoto
Calligraphy by Naoko Matsumoto

Wei Wu Wei is a Daoist concept that variously translates as Doing Non-Doing, Non-Interference or Unattached Action.

When I was first introduced to Wei Wu Wei early on in my studies of Chinese Medicine an important connection was made for me. As a student and teacher of the Alexander Technique “doing non-doing” was a regular practice for me. Although foreign to much of our modern western society, the core practice of non-doing in Alexander is paramount, and it is through the surrender of our habitual way of getting things done that a more natural, flowing, interconnected and less effortful way of being can emerge. In traditional East Asian forms of healing, the same concept is at the center of understanding human health. Based on observations of the natural world, healing is understood in relation to being in balance within oneself. Chinese Medicine helps to awaken our innate healing capabilities. Rather than finding something to DO, we can discover what needs to be UN-done, and identify what needs to be supported in order for natural clearing of interference, or dis-ease, to occur. This allows for natural ease and flourishing wellbeing to emerge.

The time we live in calls on each of us to acknowledge our own personal response-ability in healing our selves, our communities and our planet. The inter-connected nature of our world has never been more apparent, and with it comes many gifts and many challenges. But for many of us we know we cannot do that alone, we long for support in this unfolding. We live in a world full of diverse philosophies, experiences and desires – in my work I strive to celebrate this diversity, and partner with each individual to support and nurture their wellbeing in order for each of us to offer our own unique contribution.

I aim to humbly partner with those on this journey, to support the process, offer wisdom and tools when I can, and to help you clear your own way towards greater wellbeing.

“I would rather know the person who has the disease
than know the disease the person has.”
– Hippocrates