Fall is here

And with Fall we look to nourish our Metal element in Chinese medicine (Similar to the Western element of Air).P1030834

You can do this by letting your attention go inward and sensing into where you are being called to let go, also by eating warm and nourishing foods and pungent spices. Here is the piktochart for understanding Lung Qi, but even without the symptoms shown here when the Lung Qi is already deficient, now is the season to protect and boost your Lung Qi to prevent some common illness this time of year. Check it out for some tips on how to boost Lung Qi for Fall, or come in for a seasonal Wellbeing Session.

The work that I do with the Art of Breathing is also an enjoyable and effective way to strengthen Lung Qi, and I will be announcing my first Art of Breathing workshop in the Triangle soon! Please¬†contact me if you’d like me to email you with the information when it is announced.


the lesson of the falling leaves

the leaves believe
such letting go is love
such love is faith
such faith is grace
such grace is god
i agree with the leaves

–lucille clifton


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