Childhood Trauma Leads To Lifelong Chronic Illness by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

A personal account and a important call for Western medical care:

But shouldn’t physicians consider the whole patient – body and mind – so that they can suggest behavioral health tools that will alleviate both the root causes and the symptoms of disease? When physicians help patients come to the profound revelation that childhood adversity plays a role in the chronic illnesses they face now, they help them to heal physically and emotionally at last.

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HuffPost video inspiration

I love turtles… But this is a good little video. Good to remember to  let the turtles have the rounded shells, while our amazing structure and biotensegrity means we do not have to be slumped over our desks!  No need to struggle into what they are calling “power posture” either by the way. You can find your easy upright support that you had when you were a child. Don’t know how? Alexander Technique can help  you in re-discovering your natural ease!


Acupuncture AND Alexander Technique – together in research!

I’ve been meaning to share this news for a while… In November of last year, suddenly I was getting emails and facebook messages from other acupuncturists and friends about a new study just released for neck pain. Why was everyone sending it to me? Because for the first time (that I know of), a new study included both Acupuncture AND the Alexander Technique in its research—and both came out shining.

Read more here: Acupuncture & Alexander Technique for Neck Pain, Time Magazine

“People who practiced acupuncture or the Alexander Technique had greater pain reductions than those who got standard treatment”

I didn’t need to read a study to know that these work—for over a decade I’ve been witnessing it myself! But it’s still fun to read about it! For more specifics on the study mentioned:

Amira Interviewed on “Thank You 10”

In November I sat down at the Center of Wellness with Gregory DeCandia, host of ‘thank you 10,’ and actor in the Professional Actors Training Program at UNC, as part of their podcast “Body of Work Volume II.” It was great fun hosting and chatting with Greg at the Center, and I am happy to share this podcast here with you! 

(I’m the second guest, starting around 11 minutes 45 seconds into the podcast)
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Winter Inspiration

Now that we have entered winter in the Northern hemisphere I’m sharing another piktochart for some Water-Element inspiration. Water is the element of winter in Chinese medicine and is associated with the Kidneys and Bladder organs/meridians.

As we naturally slow down and go more inward for this season, we let ourselves rest and be nourished and replenish our water element. Check out the Water Piktochart  for ideas for the season.

Kidney Piktochart

Fight/fright & the Psoas

The psoas has been coming up a lot again lately in my Alexander lessons, so many of us are interested in discovering more about this somewhat elusive muscle and understanding better how it is connects to our daily experience. I appreciate this holistic look at the psoas, and it’s connection to our fight/flight response. I continue to discover the strong connection between the head-neck-back and breath relationship with a free and easy psoas – and vice versa.

The Muscle of the Soul – Mind Unleashed


Huffington Post Article about AT

I just read this article in the Huffington Post, they did a lovely job of an overview of the Technique. Having begun studying the Technique as an actor myself, and then having it seep into all of the other aspects of my life, I deeply appreciate how many different types of people benefit from studying – from performers to computer users, we all share a common ability for greater ease

Actors Swear By This Mindful Movement Practice. Here’s How You Can Benefit From It, Too