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I love turtles… But this is a good little video. Good to remember to  let the turtles have the rounded shells, while our amazing structure and biotensegrity means we do not have to be slumped over our desks!  No need to struggle into what they are calling “power posture” either by the way. You can find your easy upright support that you had when you were a child. Don’t know how? Alexander Technique can help  you in re-discovering your natural ease!


Amira Interviewed on “Thank You 10”

In November I sat down at the Center of Wellness with Gregory DeCandia, host of ‘thank you 10,’ and actor in the Professional Actors Training Program at UNC, as part of their podcast “Body of Work Volume II.” It was great fun hosting and chatting with Greg at the Center, and I am happy to share this podcast here with you! 

(I’m the second guest, starting around 11 minutes 45 seconds into the podcast)
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An Alexander & Yoga teacher responds to NY Times Article “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.”

On January 5th the New York Times Magazine published a provocative article called “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” by William J.Broad. Over my years of teaching many of my students (some of them Yoga teachers) have asked me what I think about Yoga, and I always respond with a common AT motto “It’s not what you do, but how you do it.” Indeed Yoga in certain environments and for certain people can be dangerous, but with appropriate knowledge and awareness of your body and of how it is designed to move, you can make intelligent and informed choices about which Yoga class is, or is not, right for you. The Alexander Technique is a wonderful complement to help students more safely study Yoga. I recommend this article by my colleague Joan Arnold for more information.

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Alexander Technique and M.S.

This article by Alexander Technique teacher Marta Curbelo discusses how the Technique has helped her with her Multiple Sclerosis. There is also a link to her interview with Robert Rickover about her experiences. Article in The Jewish Life.