The Art of Breathing

  • The Art of Breathing

    The Art of Breathing focuses on restoring our natural breathing coordination through the work developed by F.M. Alexander and Carl Stough. Using a highly sensitive & delicate touch this educational method enables us to learn how not to interfere with the natural mechanism of the breath. This improves functioning and capacity and addresses all manner of breathing difficulties. Breathing is an involuntary and automatic process (we don’t need to do anything to breathe, it happens even when we are sleeping!). However, for most of us it is a frequent subject of interference. Many of us experience a lot of effort in our breathing, whether it is through forcing ourselves to take big breaths, holding our breath, or using accessory muscles when we breathe and when we speak.  The coordinated breath is something we can develop by addressing these habits of effort and in doing so we improve our overall functioning.
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