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  • Welcome Wellbeing

    What messages does your body send to you? If you pause right now, what are you hearing, feeling, sensing?

    We have much to do in our modern lives, much to attend to, and lots of stimulus coming at us, often from so many directions we can feel overwhelmed. Many of us find ourselves longing to be in greater harmony with our own nature, our health, and wellbeing.

    If you are looking for support along the way, I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you and help you come into harmony with your body’s signals. My commitment is to support you in learning how to be in healthy conversation with the messages you hear.

  • Wei Wu Wei

    Wei Wu Wei is a Daoist concept that variously translates as Doing Non-Doing, Non-Interference or Unattached Action. Amira feels this concept is at the core of her practice, and is the thread that connects her work. Central to both the Alexander Technique and Chinese Medicine, this principle teaches us to be in conversation with our natural balance, movement, support, and wellbeing.
  • Chinese Medicine

    Chinese Medicine is an ancient system that restores our connection to ourselves and the rhythms of life. Its philosophies and treatments are drawn from an understanding of the interconnectedness of humanity and nature.

    Using acupuncture, pressure points, cups, ear-seeds, or the use of herbs or essential oils, the acupuncture meridians are activated to ensure smooth flow of life-energy or “Qi.” In this conception of health, our mind/body/spirit flows like a river flows, and dis-ease and sickness occur when there are blockages in the flow of Qi, creating imbalances in the system. We can support healing through restoring harmonious balance, and allowing Qi to flow.
  • The Alexander Technique

    The Alexander Technique is a holistic and practical method for restoring our natural awareness, ease and coordination.  As we study the Technique we learn to make choices that allow for more support and less stress.

    It is used to decrease and prevent pain, improve posture and athletic performance, increase vocal ease and stage presence, and manage daily stress and strain.

    Within this more easeful and conscious condition we find our daily functioning, support and coordination improved; our sensations refined and livelier; and our sense of time and space expanded.


    Discover the Alexander Technique, Re-Discover your natural ease.

  • The Art of Breathing

    The Art of Breathing focuses on restoring our natural breathing coordination through the work developed by F.M. Alexander and Carl Stough. Using a highly sensitive & delicate touch this educational method enables us to learn how not to interfere with the natural mechanism of the breath. This improves functioning and capacity and addresses all manner of breathing difficulties.    
  • Dietary and Herbal Therapy

    Dietary and Herbal Therapy are an essential practice in East Asian medicine. What we eat is often the subject of much distress in our modern society, but the bounty of the earth is rich medicine!

    Connecting to the healing qualities of everyday foods as well as herbal tea or tinctures enables us to benefit from the nourishing gifts offered to us through the vast number of species we inhabit the earth with. Dietary and Herbal therapy is given in relation to the balancing of the whole system, the seasons and elements.
  • Community

    There is a wonderful community of like-minded teachers, healers, artists and others that Amira has discovered on her own journey. Welcome Wellbeing strives to be a resource for anyone seeking self-knowledge and deeper wellbeing, and offers connections with other modalities and practitioners.