Acupuncture AND Alexander Technique – together in research!

I’ve been meaning to share this news for a while… In November of last year, suddenly I was getting emails and facebook messages from other acupuncturists and friends about a new study just released for neck pain. Why was everyone sending it to me? Because for the first time (that I know of), a new study included both Acupuncture AND the Alexander Technique in its research—and both came out shining.

Read more here: Acupuncture & Alexander Technique for Neck Pain, Time Magazine

“People who practiced acupuncture or the Alexander Technique had greater pain reductions than those who got standard treatment”

I didn’t need to read a study to know that these work—for over a decade I’ve been witnessing it myself! But it’s still fun to read about it! For more specifics on the study mentioned:

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